Selected Traditional Carriage House Hardware, Pgs CH1-3
Counter Balance Scale Arm, Pg J7
Flood Vents, Pg FF3
Selected Weatherseals, Pgs 2-3
Selected NEW Linear Allstar Commerical Operators and Accessories, L20-L21

• Prices valid through May 31, 2017

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SAVE up to 63% now on these overstock locks and latches, page OO-2!
SAVE Huge on closeout Creative Resin decorative hardware, Page OO-3!

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00. STEALS & DEALS - WOW! Check out the special pricing on these overstock and clearance items. Hurry! These prices may disappear without notice!

A. Lubricants -  "Re-Store" Spray Lubes, White Lithium Grease, and Lubriplate

B. Hardware - Hinges, brackets, bearings & plates, couplers, rollers, pulleys, tracks and angle.

C. Cones & Drums - Commercial & residential cable drums, springs cone sets and torsion accessories

CH. Carriage House Hardware - Hinges, handles, locks and latches for America's most beautiful garage doors. Three beautiful finishes and six decorator colors create dozens of elegant combinations to enhance any carriage door.

D. Springs - Torsion Springs w/cones, extension springs, winding bars and cable snubber

E. Chain Hoists - Wall or shaft mount, reduced or direct drive, solling steel, chain & links and hoist accessories

EE. Commercial Windows - Insulated and Non Insulated Commercial Windows

F. Weatherseal - jamb seal, top & bottom seal, single T, backskin retainers, aluminum retainer seal and brush seal

FF. Flood Vents - Residential Smart Vent Flood Vents

G. Fasteners - Hex bolts, nuts, hooks, TEKs, lags, washers and clips

H. Cable & Fitting - Aircraft cable, thimbles, clips, sleeves and button stops

I. Locks & Latches - Locking T & L handles, releases, slide locks, accessories and step plate kits

J. Tools - Wiring tackers, cable cutters & swagers, angle iron shears and mag grip tape measures

K. Operator Controls/Accessories - Key switches & disconnects

L. Commercial Operators - Manaras & Zap Commercial Operators

M. Radio Controls - A variety of radio control products by Genie, LiftMaster, JCM and other major manufacturers.

N. Operator Parts - Gear Kits, Components, Control Boards, Limits, and Accessories.

S. Replacement Sections - Wood Door Replacement Sections

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