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Terms & Conditions

We hired an expensive attorney to develop our Terms & Conditions...
Then we fired him !
Doing business with Re-Source is simple...

  1. You need stuff, and we have stuff. We want you to buy your stuff from us ! If you need anything you don’t see in our web site or catalog, please let us know. (We love to hunt for weird stuff and solve problems!)
  2. We only sell to the trade.
  3. The smallest order we like to pack is $25 U.S., but we’ll work with you. We’ll only charge you what we quote when you place the order, but our prices will change when we have sales, or when stuff gets more expensive. Your current price list is a pretty accurate gauge.
  4. Our stuff is usually pre-packed in cartons. We will break cartons for you, for a little extra.
  5. Your order will almost always ship the day we receive it, usually by UPS or LTL Motor Freight. Freight is FOB Fort Worth, TX. UPS charges are added to your bill. Motor Freight charges are collect. If you want to use your own service, just tell us when you place the order.
  6. We want you to be happy with everything we do for you, every time, so if there is ever a problem with an order, we will try to fix it right away. If you check your order as soon as you receive it, that will make everyone’s life easier. If you need to return something, be sure to call us for an RSOK authorization (Returned Stuff OK). Then, get your stuff back to us within 30 days of the original ship date and there won’t be a re-stocking fee. (Older orders make people a little cranky, so we may have a re-stocking fee on them). Ship you stuff back pre-paid, and include a copy of the RSOK. If we are responsible for the shipping charges, we’ll credit you back when we credit for you’re your returned stuff.
  7. You can set up an account, pay by Major Credit Card, or set up CIA terms. Pay us on time, and come back soon...
  8. If you need more details, please contact us via email or call us toll free at 1-866-316-7337.

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